Impotence and Male Andropause

Andropause Symptoms


Male menopause or andropause is due to rising levels of the sex hormone binding protein and reduced production of the three main male hormones.  They are Testosterone, Androsteindione, and Dihydrotestoseterone.  To correct these don’t use hormone pills or creams, as these produce excessive conversion to female hormones and don’t improve testicular production or  release hormone bound to the sex hormone binding proteins.  This protocol is the very best natural and only safe way to correct male menonopause or andropause. You must also remove biotoxins that mimic female hormones.  Our  bioavailable medical grade NutriMeds are the most safe powerful way to address these important aging male issues.  

Core Protocols >>Low Testosterone / High Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Levels … 

Andropause Male Sexual Rejuvation

DHEA, Pregnenolone, Testo Cream eight pumps in AM to neck, axilla, groin


Hormone Synergy


SuperNOX NO2 Beets

MicroDose (HGH) three sprays AM and bedtimes for increased Growth Hormone

Testes Peptide as directed on label

Vascular Peptides one per day month one, then before supper after first month

Impotence >ADD:

Vein Away 

Ultra Thiamine B1





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