Protocols for Osteoporosis / Hip Degeneration Recovery

Bone Generator six caps for osteoporosis and three form osteopenia one half hour after two largest meals


MyCell D3 5,000 iu two softgels or 1o drops of MyCell D3 liquid twice per day

Full Vitamin K2  one to two caps twice per day

CollagenMAX one cap twice per day

COLLAGENMAX (with Biotin)

Collagen Peptides PRO one scoop twice per day

NutriMeds Her Majesty’s Royal Jelly one softgel twice per day

Tendon Mender one cap twice per day



Joint Performance two softgels twice per day



Red Deer Velvet  DR four caps twice per day

RED Deer Velvet DR (120 caps)


MicroDose HGH four sprays under tongue four times per day


NADH Cell Rejuvenation and Mitochondrial Energentics








Technologies … 


Lumen Photon Setting NICO over DEXA positive weak bone regions


Unlike arthritis and osteoarthritis, is not related to the joints or joint degradation. It is a change in the actual structure of bone itself. Our bone is a living, dynamic tissue that changes over time. It has a complex structure specifically designed to serve its weight bearing function. Within a long bone like the femur, for example, there are two types of bony structures. Cancellous or spongy bone is found in the interior near the ends of the bones. This type of bone is porous, hence the name. This porous interior is covered by a layer of dense bone known as cortical or compact bone. This bone also forms the hallow shaft of long bones. The picture below shows a cut away view of bone and it various structures.

Bone hydroxapatite two to one ratio of calcium to magnesium, bone hormones, collagen and cofactors such as vitamin K2 that direct osteoblasts to lay down new bone are essential in supplements.   Supply of building blocks and hormones for stem cell regeneration, improvement in bone perfusion, and compression of bone pizoelectric crystals stimulates new bone formation and regenreation of weak bone architecture.  Infrared light therapy and whole body sine wave exercise are essential for regenerative stimuli to speed bone healing and regeneration.  These can be accomplished with customized programs of epiGenetic therapies to speed bone remodeling and regenration.







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