Leg Circulation Support Protocols

Protocols for Leg Circulation
KardioVasc 30 drops or 2 capsules three times per day

Gamma E PLUS four softgels twice per day

BioLVR one capsule twice per day

CoQ10 Supreme two softgels twice per day

CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol two softgels twice per day

VascuCare one tablet twice per day

Nattokinase one capsule three times per day

Omega Supreme two sofgels twice per day

Omega Supreme Krill two softgels twice per day

Vein Away two capsule twice per day

If budget permits ADD >> ..

Ellagic Acid two capsule twice per day

ChelorMAX two capsules twice per day, AM and bedtimes

Minerals PLUS and VItaMineraMAX one each twice per day

Magnesium Glycinate Malate two capsules twice per day


If past or current venous clot, DVT, or blocked artery >> add Lumbrokinase one capsule three times per day

Disclaimer: All of the material is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. The protocols presented here are one opinion of an integrated approach to investigation and metabolic support with conventional medical approaches to numerous conditions. They should always undertaken with the supervision of physician of other qualified health professional, and I strongly recommend that you verify every recommendation with the current literature and the rapidly evolving art and science of molecular preventive medicine. The biochemical individuality of each human being is paramount. The necessity of blood, urine, stool and tissue testing is essential to tailoring each program to suit the needs of each person who wishes to embark on this journey from a unique state of unwellness and disease to wellness and health.

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