Kidney Renal Failure Recovery Support Protocols

Chronic Kiidney Disease Mesongiocapillary Glomerulonephritis with patient not On Dialysis

KIDNEY RENAL Failure Protocols >>


KardioVasc two to three capsule or 30 to 45 drops tincture three times per day

SuperNOX one caplet or VascuNOX one tspn three times per day in juice

Red Deer Velvet DR  two to three capsules twice per day

Nattokinase 50 mg four to six caps three times per day

Vein Away two caps three times per day

Ultra Thiamine B1 two caps three times per day

Nutriodine 15 drops in water, four times per day

AllicinMED one cap four times per day

NutruSilver 1 spray or 3 drops per 10 pounds weight, three times per day

NutrImmune 26Y two caps three times per day


Cell Defense Plus two caplets two to three times per day

Omega Supreme Pro two softgels three times per day



eGFT epiGenetic SonicLife / Antennae Amp Song of DNA Plasma Mineral and Amino Acids mRNA induction of Structural Proteins and Enzymes for Healing and Regenerative Medicine /

NovaStem Renal Stem Cells I.V. (From Stemedica San Diego) Hypoxic Amplified Stem Cells Specialized for Organ Regenerative Healing


Renal failure results in diabetes when nephrons loose filtering capacity due to Loop of Henle filtration.   Fat soluble Ultra Thiamine B1 and Vein Away will reduce micro-Albumin loss and help regeneration.   Renal Peptides, and Stem Cell Support Red Deer Velvet and  the first receptor activated by stem cell with Renal Microsome Peptides to turn on organ specific mRNA production of structural proteins and enzymes is important. Linus Pauling scalar Telomeric mRNA induction of plasma mineral and amino acid resonance helps stimulate organ regeneration of kidneys,  We have QRA Mat by Dr Fisher, Tesla Photon Sound Beam and Mild Hyperbarics Oxygen with Ozone that help and epiGenetic Frequency via the Sonic Life Device.   Consults by email and phone callbacks are free for starter protocols, Consults with formal records review are available with video recorded analysis.  Quantum BioPhilia Scan consults and test kits and imaging are available worldwide after Dr Bill show M-Th and weekends.  Contact us at 888-212-8871 or Contact Us Section. We network with specialty clinics and doctors in many countries worldwide for your Functional Integrative Wellness Care.

undergoing dialysis

Renal Peptides and Vascualr Peptides one each twice per day for month one, then take before supper

Bladder UP two softgel twice per day

AllicinMED one cap three times per day

Swedish Flower Pollen one tab four times per day

KardioVasc 45 drops tincture with SuperNOX Plus NO2 Beets one scoop three times per day

Ultra Thiamine B1 two caps three times per day

Gamma E PLus two softgels three times per day

Cell Detox Gluathione two caps three times per day

Red Deer Velvet two caps three times per day

MyCell D3 5,000 two softgels twice per day

VitaMineralMAX and Minerals Plus one each twice per day

Omega Supreme Pro two softgels three times per day

Renal and Vascular Peptides twice per day month one, then before supper after first month

Lumen Photon to kidneys Setting 4 and NICO for 30 minutes three times plus per day on back region

Disclaimer: All of the material is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. The protocols presented here are one opinion of an integrated approach to investigation and metabolic support with conventional medical approaches to numerous conditions. They should always undertaken with the supervision of physician of other qualified health professional, and I strongly recommend that you verify every recommendation with the current literature and the rapidly evolving art and science of molecular preventive medicine. The biochemical individuality of each human being is paramount. The necessity of blood, urine, stool and tissue testing is essential to tailoring each program to suit the needs of each person who wishes to embark on this journey from a unique state of unwellness and disease to wellness and health.

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