Joint Integrative Natural Regenetion

Augment Your Pre Post Op PRotocols for PRP Platelet Rich Plasma and Minor Arthroscopic Joint Repairs With …
CollagenMAX one twice per day
Joint Performance two softgels twice per day
ArthritX two softgels twice per day
InflamX four caps twice per day
Tendon Mender one cap twice per day
Minerals PLUS and VitaMIneralMAX one each twice per day
Red Deer Velvet DR three caps twice per day
MicroDose HGH three sprays sublingual four times per day
IndiumMe five drops AM and bedtimes
VitaMineralMAX and Minerals Plus one each twice per day
CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol one softgel twice per day
Lumen Photon NICO settings to shoulder 30 minutes twice plus per day
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