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Endometriosis is metastatic growth of endometrial cells on the peritoneum with secondary fibrous induction forming bowel to peritoneal adhesions and inflammation, bleeding, obstruction etc. Stealth pathogens must be removed, scars reversed, and abnormal hormone estrogenic metabolism normalized.

Laser Laparoscopic Ablation of lesions is the best surgical approach to endometriosis augmented with the natural detox, antiinflammatory and pathogenic clearance approach below…

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Endometriosis is a term which is dreaded by every woman. In this article, we will be informing you about causes, symptoms and treatment of this problem. First, you need to know what exactly is meant by endometriosis. It refers to the development of cells in the similar way cells grow inside uterus. But in endometriosis these cells develop outside the uterus. During the menstruation, endometrial cells are poured out. Endometriosis implants are formed when endometrial cells joins with the tissues located outside uterus. Such implants are generally seen on the pelvis.

If we discuss about the causes of endometriosis then we do not have exact reasons for it. Retrograde menstruation is believed to be one of the causes of this problem. However, it is not the only reason for endometriosis. Some women may suffer from retrograde menstruation but not have the problem of endometriosis at the same time. The presence of primitive cells around the pelvic organs may also develop in to endometrial cells. It is called coelomic metaplasia and it is also believed as one of the causes of endometriosis.


Most of the women who suffer from endometriosis do not get to know about it as normally there are no symptoms of this condition. Infertility and pelvic pain are among the most common symptoms in those women who experience the symptoms of this problem. Women may suffer from pain when they have intercourse, while urinating and bowel movements. Women who suffer from this condition may also experience pain before or during menstruation. Woman may experience the alteration in the level of pain every month. Diarrhea, pain in lower back, heavy bleeding during menstruation and constipation are some other symptoms of endometriosis.



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