Autoimmune Disease Remission Protocols

Protocol for Autoimmune Disease Remission …

Autoimmnity involves the body attacking its own tissue proteins.  This occurs because heavy metals, xenotoxic chemical or stealth pathogens attach to body proteins or enzymes illiciting an abnormal foe response, martialling the T Killer Lymphocytes to destroy potential enemy proteins or enzymes.

There are three issues to deal with in autoimmunity reduction.   Eliminate toxins, heavy metals and stealth pathogens.

Then clear all secondary free radical singlet oxygen, hydroperoxyl radical and nitroperoxyl radical, and cytokines released by angry attacking Macrophages and Activated T Killer Lymhyocytes.

Third phase is tissue rebuilding with 300 biomolecules and six plus hormones to support stem cell regeneration.

This requires substance of bioavailable nutrients, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and signal via telomeres to activate mRNA production in the endoplasmic reticulum outside the nucleoplasm of new regenrative structural proteins and enzymes.   If all three phase are accomplished and continue to be support and inciting allergic or scalar signals that incite desstructuve immune behavior and free radicals, autoimmune abates and the person heals target end organs.




Ellagic Acid

Living Probiotic

MyCell D3


Power C PLUS

Full Vitamin K2

Nutrimmune 26y



AllerBlock one caps three times per day



Magnesium Glycinate

Omega Supreme Pro


Minerals PLUS



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