We Need To Talk…About Nutritional Supplements

We Have a Problem

At Nutrimedical, we have one goal above all else, and that is to provide our customers with the absolute highest quality, well-researched nutraceuticals possible. It is our purpose, and we take pride in delivering the undeniably best product on the market. This brings us to our next point, and that is, our industry has a problem. And that problem is that exceedingly few companies are even attempting to fulfill that standard. And even worse, most consumers are blind to the dangerous practices and false advertising rife in the industry. 

False Advertising

A recent study revealed that up to 80% of nutraceutical products did not even contain the key ingredient listed on the bottle. And many more contained the ingredient, but in insufficient amounts compared to the listed label. [1] That is the biggest reason you can find so many nutritional products and supplements on the market, sold for so cheap. Because, often, there is a lot of shady—if not downright scamming—going on behind the scenes. Amazon even recognized this problem in recent news. Admitting to a huge number of fake and low-quality supplements sold on the site. [2] 

Fake Supplements

These fake supplements are a vast and extremely pervasive problem in our industry. They are offering one thing and giving customers nothing. Or, in some cases, giving them something worse than nothing, something dangerous. In an analysis parallel to the previous study mentioned, researchers found in one study that up to 80% of workout and weight loss supplements contained non-listed, hidden, and sometimes illegal drugs in them. Yes, pharmaceutical drugs. [3] Despite this fact, recalls of those exact products are exceedingly rare. [4]

What Makes Us Different

At Nutrimedical, we see this as an absolute travesty. Our mission demands us to spread the word about the power and efficacy of nutritional supplements. It becomes tough to do so when the industry is heavily populated with lies and scams in the name of blind profit. People in the industry often think that regulation is our biggest enemy. However, the bigger enemy may be bad actors within the industry pushing terrible products that make the entirety of the nutraceutical industry look worse. 

What You Can Do

Ultimately, the ball remains in the court of consumers. Right now, it is the job of consumers to scrutinize where they are getting their nutritional products. It remains our job at Nutrimedical to promise and guarantee that we provide, without a doubt, the highest quality and grade nutraceuticals on the market. And we will continue doing so for as long as we are here. 


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