DHEA CREAM (4 oz. bottle)

DHEA is a natural hormone produced in the brain, adrenal glands and the skin. DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the human body. Like other anti-aging hormones, DHEA is produced by the body in abundant supplies during our youth, reaching its peak between the ages of 20 to 25, then drooping to much lower levels later in life. During the prime of life, men produce approximately 31 mg of DHEA daily and women produce about 19 mg daily. At forty-five we produce about half this amount and at sixty-five, our DHEA levels are down to about 10 to 20 percent of their peak levels. Many scientists believe that the decline in key hormones like DHEA is responsibly for much of the mental and physical decline we associate with normal aging. These same scientists suggest boosting DHEA levels may prevent and/or delay some of these problems. According to DHEA pioneer researcher Dr. Samuel Yen, DHEA is a supplement that may help people age gracefully. Uses based on scientific studies.




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