NutriDefense 90 caps




NutriDefense 90 caps Viral Capsid Bacterial Wall Antipathogenic Reduces Innoculum for Primary Infection Weakens Pathogenic Spread

NEW!  NUTRIDEFENSE has upgraded to 4 X the amount of Lauric Acid per capsule!*

BLOCK Viral Capsid RNA DNA Pathogenic Bacteria Cell Walls

Reformulated 400% more Antiviral Antibacterial

*300mg per 2 capsules is now 600mg per 1 capsule!

Lauric Acid (600 mg …4 X old formula!) in Inosine – Disrupts and Destroys the viral protein capsid of all RNA and DNA Viruses

Take Every Day to Fight Pathogens Linked to Acute and Chronic Illness…and Higher Doses with Major Pathogen Challenges !

Viral infections‚ such as the common cold or the flu‚ are very prevalent and highly contagious..One important means of defense your body uses is a fatty acid called lauric acid.

Lauric acid has been found to help treat many types of viral and bacterial infections. Studies have found it to be very beneficial in the treatment of colds‚ bronchitis‚ and the flu virus. Lauric acid has also been found to help treat yeast infections. It has also been shown to be useful in treating ringworm and fighting giardia‚ the latter of which is a parasite that may cause severe intestinal infections. It may also help reduce the occurrence of cold sores and fever blister outbreaks. This fatty acid is also considered a good fat that may protect your heart and cardiovascular system.

NutriMedical’s NutriDefense provides your body with a strong dose of lauric acid in the form of monolaurin‚ which your body is easily able to absorb. This supplement is designed to help protect you from further infections. Taking these capsules for infections can help you recover faster and protect you from getting sick again. NutriDefense contains 600 mg of monolaurin (that is four times as much as the old formula) to help treat and prevent viral and bacterial infections‚ along with inosine to boost immunity.

Dr. Bill recommends our Green Tea Supreme for 600 mg of the most highly absorbable, water-extracted, ultra-pure polyphenols to add to the defense!

Complete the defense with Nutrimmune 26y and Green Tea Supreme (polyphenols) to boost NK Natural Killer Cellular Defenses and humoral antibody immunity and prevention of primary new host infections.

Instructions/How to Use:
Take one capsule per day for maintenance and with serious biological challenges, take two capsules every four to six hours while awake.

Blocks Viruses, Bacteria and Pathogens Per Cap

Proper hygiene with Defense Wipes to kill pathogenic viruses and bacteria and airway nanoparticular viral protection with our Niosh N95 Masks, provides a complete First Line of Defense for you and your loved ones.


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