Diabetes Recovery Protocols 

Diabetes Recovery Protocols


DiabetaLean two caps and Biotin Plus two caps before all meals

NutriTRALA one tab twice per day

Carnosine D-Link two caps twice per day

Ultra Thiamine B1 two caps twice per day

H2 Plex one scoop twice per day in filtered water or smoothie

Cell Detox Glutathione two caps twice per day

Gamma E Plus two softgels twice per day

Power C PLus three caps twice per day

InflamX four caps twice per day

Cell Defense one cap twice per day

Red Deer Velvet DR three caps twice per day

Testing > 24 Urine Creatinine Clearance had Micro Albumin Levels, Fasting the Two Hour Glucose and Insulin Output Blood Levels, HBA1C, Lipid Panel, Free T4, Free T3, Free RT2, hs TSH, SMAC Liver and Pancreatic Enymes, Stool Culture and Cancer Screen of Stool, Retinal and Lens Slit Lamp and Goldman Field Exam of Eyes

Ultrasound of Upper Abdoment Liver, Spleen and Pancreas

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