Cartilage Joint Regenerative Protocols Sept 9th 2018 Updated

Clear Joint with Arthroscopic Joint Clearout and Hylan polymer injection … 


Cartilage Protocols … Levels 1,2,3,4


Joint Performance two caps twice per day 

CollagenMAX one cap twice per day


ArthritX one cap twice per day

InflamX five caps twice per day


Red Deer Velvet DR two to four caps twice per day (Coming in two weeks)


Peptides for Cartilage one per day late afternoon


Lumen Photon Setting NICO or 1-7 for 30 minutes twice per day to affected joints

eGFT EpiGenetic Frequency SonicLife 10 minutes twice per day and Antennae Amp hours per day


NovaStem IV Stem Cell Therapy


If you wish a consult purchase two time units, and fill the 11 page history and attach med records. 


Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M

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