Below are some of Testimonials of our dedicated customer patients.

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“This is Richard .., and I am a sixty year old male who has been unable for thirteen years to participate in my sport of basetball until after completing Dr Bill’s protocols for antiaging male health and hormone support. Now, I can play all I want, and outrun players half my age. I have attached a video of my amazing recovery and performance posted to YouTube.”


Dear Dr Deagle,
After a follow up visit to my dermatologist, he was amazed at how quickly the cuts on my ear due to his carving up a larger area than was needed of basal cell carcinoma. I asked for a picture of my ear before the ear tissue was taken and he agreed to send it so I could compare it to what I saw after the bandage came off. I told the dermatologist the quick healing was due to taking nutriceuticals and he did not appear pleased. Thank you for your protocol and return phone call and I continue to take the protocol provided.
So many are facing scares from their doctors and I am trying to help people know there is help by contacting you.
Best regards,
 Nutriodine Testimonial

A few years ago while working in the yard I unknowingly backed into a large spider web.
After regaining consciousness from the massive numbers of spider bites I then sprayed nutriodine on those areas.
My physician later narrated how the bites were sealed into nodule and area
 neutralizing and keeping the toxins from spreading to dissolve a growing area “.
The product also expedites moving the bad stuff out making removal / healing easier. I feel that nutriodine literally saved my life as well as being a superior choice cosmetically. In fact it needs to be placed at the top of the list for emergency kits.
Further I have used a few drops daily for years  – my body thanks me for this one of a kind type of iodine.
Nutridine is my first choice for burns, bites, detox, vigor, water storage and anti pathogen.

My sincere blessings to Dr. William Deagle
Richie   D.