Summit to Sea Mild Hyperbaric Chambers


Summit To Sea Mild Hyperbaric Chambers are the best Mild Hyperbaric Chambers with top safety and comfort features, cooled with advanced unique techology, bright with translucent body and windows.  They are much less expensive but superior to all other competitor chambers and can be leased to purchase, with a total tax writeoff with Dr Bill  Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M.

The Top Three chambers are the Dive at 33 inches tubular diameter, the Vertical  Grand Dive at 5 ft horizontal and can be ordered with extra 9 inches height, and the Grand Dive over 40 inches tubular diameter.  The dual pumps, safety valves, internal pressure monitor and extreme comfort and safety are second to none.










Summit to Sea Chamber Prices

Grand Dive 40″ $11,000 $275
Grand Dive Vertical 60″ $14,500 $350
Grand Dive Wheelchair 60″ $16,995 $350
Grand Dive Pro 46″ $16,995 $450
Grand Dive Pro Plus 60″ $17,495 $475