URIDINE (Triacetyluridine) Uridine is a nucleoside that is formed when uracil is attached to a ribose ring. Uridine has a crucial influence on important physiologic processes in the human body and is essential for both RNA and DNA synthesis. While uridine is not found in high levels in any particular food, it is an important component of human breast milk. TAU is rapidly converted to uridine in the cell and escapes acid hydrolysis in the gut.




Uridine Mitochondrial

Triacetyluridine 25 mg

Uridine is a Pyrimidine nucleoside that has dramatic positive physiological effects to reduce abnormal nerve firing patterns in seizure, ADHD and ADD, autism and toxic CNS neuropathy and organic brain syndrome.

Instructions/How to Use: Take one capsule per day or as directed by physician.




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