POSINOL (200 tabs)

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POSINOL (200 tabs) Stress Mood Blood Pressure Natural Support

Posinol contains an extract from the leaves of Apocynum venetum L, a wild plant grown in Asia.

Posinol contains no less less than 4% of the flavonoid glycosides-isoquerdetin and hyperoside.

Posinol is number one when it comes to mood boosting supplements. It hits the nail on the head with its mood-boosting and stress-busting properties, without putting your health on the line as is the case with pharmaceuticals.

Along with a variety of other natural ingredients, the leaves of Apocynum venetum L will have a marked effect on the user’s mood and general stability when tackling everyday life. It’s one of the few supplements out there that’s been clinically tested on human beings and come out with excellent feedback all-round.


Take two pills two to three times per day to reduce anxiety and elevate mood, lower blood pressure and reduce stress response of the central nervous system.


200 pills (180 mg each)

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