MAGI 432 Hz Resonant Whole Body Sacral Magnetic Field Therapy Pad BACKORDERED




MAGI 432 Hz Resonant Whole Body Sacral Magnetic Field Therapy Pad Antiaging Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Rejuvenator DNA mRNA Signal Induction EpiGenetic Field Therapy >>STRONG RECOMMEDATION For NutriMEDs FIRST BEFORE USE OF MAGI OR MiniMAG Pads EMF SYSTEMS !


The MAGI is composed of 8 super-powerful, negative-field generating rare-earth neodymium magnets connected to a proprietary pulsing radio-field (RF) generator tuned to 432 cycles per second (hz.) It can be placed over clothing by means of a stretchable, washable white velcro strip, or it can be tucked under a belt or waist band directly onto the skin.  (The magnetic field penetrates a full 12 inches into the body, so it doesn’t need to be directly on the skin to be effective.)   The MAGI is designed to send a powerful, balancing negative flux field to the area of the SACRUM BONE located just above the buttocks in what is known as the human “pelvic floor”.   The device is powered by a rechargeable battery pack enclosed in the black pack.
The MAGI is designed to powerfully and effectively protect the human central nervous system (CNS) from the effects of electro smog (WIFI, 5G, Power lines, Etc.) which causes the body’s magnetism to register as a positively charged magnetic field which is linked to disease states such as cancer, dementia, depression, diabetes, etc.   35 years of research has conclusively proven that a powerful NEGATIVE magnetic field is always healing energy.   Our research has shown that wearing the MAGI while pedaling a bicycle is extremely effective in generating powerful healing energy throughout the SACRUM NERVES.