INDIUM-ME (2 oz)




INDIUM-ME (2 oz) AntiAging mRNA Nucleoplasmic Mineral Chaparone Life Extension Protein Enzyme Fractional Daily Cloning Induction


Indium-Me DNA Mineral Activator

2 ounce bottle

mRNA Mineral Gene Induction Life Extension

Directions:  Take 4 drops in AM and 4 drops in PM if desired.


Indium-Me is a unique technology combining angstrom hydrogenated Indium with Liposomal Enzymatic delivery technology.  It will activate your DNA in the nucleoplasms of your cells, where your chromosomes are activated by super-mineralization of gene activation. Minerals turn on enzymatic gene transcription and structural proteins.  Taken with our cutting edge Albion Chelated Minerals both main and trace, will speed healing and tissue regeneration.  Take a dropper in the AM and bedtime on an empty stomach, to slow aging and support stem cell tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory action in your whole body.


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