Himalyan AntiAging Liposomal Minerals Drops




Himalyan AntiAging Liposomal Minerals Drops

Trace Minerals from the Himalyan Mountains activate mRNA, especially Indium and Tranuranics the turn on Gene Expression in the Cell Nucleus for Proteins and Enzyme induction, helping with other building blocks like Red Deer Velvet Lonza DR Caps, Oncomycin MyCOD2, IndiumMe drops, HGH Spray, Royal Jelly, Mitochondrial Energy ATP, NADH Antiaging Energy Tabs, etc. They are synergistic with other technologies such as Lumen Photon IR Blue Light, SonicLIFE SoniX Devices, MAGI, Cell Vital and QRS Matt from Germany Dr Fisher, and Summit to Sea Ozone Oxygen Enhanced Mild Hyperbaric Chambers and Low ELF Infrared Sauna.

Use 5 to 10 drops in drink or food two to three times per day.