Gluten Immune (Liquid)





Glutenase Enzyme

Common Uses: Gluten Immune  reduces gluten from all sources, wheat, rye, etc. It can reduce body cytokine levels, leaky gut and autoimmune or inflammatory conditions throughout the body triggered by gluten sensitivity. This may occur in people in addition to Celiac enteritis and positive gluten antibodies. Health benefits in elimination of gluten from the body reduces inflammation and impaired immune function.
Instructions/How to Use: TAKE Two to Three drops  BEFORE A GLUTEN CONTAINING MEAL OR SNACK
Ingredients: BioCore DPP IV – Blended Proteases from A Oryae and A Malleus
Cautions/Warnings: This does not replace a Gluten Free diet. Gluten is present in many foods, and may cause inflammation and illnes, in the absence of gluten antibodies and Celiac enteritis.


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