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You and your family need to be prepared with our First Line of Defense Kit for the onslaught of viruses and bacteria in our environment today!


Nutriodine  $49.95

AllicinMed $64.95

Niosh N95 Mask X 2   $19.95 ($9.95 each)

NutruSilver Spray $39.95

NutriDefense $49.95

Power C Plus caps $39.95


For advanced protection please add our NutriMeds found under A – Z  PRODUCTS:

MyCell Ultra D3 (Liquid) 39.95  My Cell D 3 (Softgels) $39.95

Nutrimmune 26y $49.95

Cell Defense $59.95 / Cell Defense Cur-Q-Gold 79.95

Zinc (Liquid) $34.95

Goggles Eye Protection $19.95

Hazmat Suit (2 sizes) $69.95

EduCap Oral Immunization with Ig4 test one month after oral cap ingestion… coming soon. 

Virus by destroying the H2 receptor induced virus inside the cell

COVID19 First Line of Defense Plus NutriMeds and EudCap Oral Immunization Programs

Nutriodine 12 drops three times per day in filtered water

AllicinMed one cap three times per day

NutriDefense one cap three times per day

NutruSilver six sprays orall and nasal four times per day

Power C Caps two caps three times per day


The COVID19 virus, is an airborne AIDS virus that attacks mitochondria. It produces Hydroproxy radical that causes damage to the mitochondrial production of ATP and NADH. The free radical Hydroproxyl radical cross-links the Von Willibrand clotting vascular factor producing a vasculitis in the lung fields and in any tissue which has the ACE2 receptor it causes mitochondrial damage. This can cause hepatitis, pancreatitis, damage to the brain are temporal lobes or the sense of smell and taste and touch these can damage the peripheral of testes and ovaries reducing fertility and it can also damage any organ with the ACE2 receptor. Nutriodine is  a monotonic Iodine is able to get rid of the virus that generates mitochondrial free radicals in the Mitochondria and the general cell. Plasma monoatomic iodine is abl e to kill the virus and therefore prevent the generation of single radical, Hydroproxyl and major proxy radical causing mitochondrial death. We have the stabilized medical grade AllicinMED 650 mg per capsule from Germany. NutriDefesen provides anti-pathogenic effectiveness and nutrient defense which is an anti-pathogenic that destroys the viral capsid  off the RNA or  DNA viral capsid and also destroys bacterial cell wall of any pathogenic bacteria, such as MRSA, methicillin-resistant staph aureus.. The next nutraceutical is NutruSilver,  which is a mono atomic plasma silver with their idiotic frequencies embedded in the silver that is antiviral and antibacterial anti-spirochete and antifungal effects as well. Use the dosages of these are Nutriodine at  12 to 14 drops three times a day and filtered water, AllicinMED one Three times a day for the  average adult neutral defense 1 to 2 capsules three times a day NutruSilver at six sprays both orally and also by nasal spray for times a day.  We must   stabilize the membranes of the tissues and prevent free radical damage and recycle the antioxidants is Power C Plus capsules two capsules to three capsules three times a day. This form of vitamin C is a stabilized calcium magnesium sodium potassium ascorbate salt with black pepper extract or Bioperin . This technology allows recycling of all antioxidants because the primary damage to the mitochondrial is free radical induced vasculitis.

The advanced add on protocols involves the use of Cell Defense capsules which is 800% more absorbed than regular tumeric . Cell Defense CurQ Gold we have also the cell at one to two  scoops 2400% more absorbed from a special extraction technology from India. We have of course the Cell Detox Glutathione wanted to have three times a day to get rid of Hydroproxyl radical to primary radical that can cause cross-linking of the blood proteins called on Von Willebrand factor that can cause the vasculitis and damage the cell membranes causing microvascular disease and hypoxia. You can use inhalation therapy with ground Cell Detox Glutathion, NADH and Mitochondrial Energy ATP tabs three times per day therapy with the cell detox glutathione ground with a tablet of NADH which I was and get through the Hydro proxy radical and to stop the electron transport chain blocking effect of the viral replication inside the mitochondria. The you can use in this by the clear blue tip of the sign your pulse elite Warren Omron device for inhalation which is standard device for asthma and chronic lung disease.  The standard use of vitamin D on My Cell D3 either are usually to 5000 IU  softgels or ten drops twice a day for the average adult is also extremely useful to strengthen the immune system and prevent free radical damage to the tissues as vitamin D levels below 30 on the standard lab for quest test  Low vitamin D levels are associated with significantly higher risk for deterioration and decompensation and death and especially senior citizens especially those not exposed average sunlight activates vitamin D in her skiin. Tan does not however determine that you have adequate levels of vitamin D and you may require blood test to get it at least over 80 on the standard test to indicate even adequate levels to protect against and organ damage.


Cell Defense Caps two caps three times per day or Cell Defense CurQ Gold two scoop three times per day

Cell Detox Glutathoine one to two caps three times per day

Inhalation if late lung illness > Cell Detox Glutathione one cap grind with NADH Cap four times per day with Normal Saline by Omron or Sinu Pulse Elite Blue Clear Tip

InflamX three caps three times per day

Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M


For advanced protection please add our NutriMeds found at


For advanced protection please add our NutriMeds found under A – Z  PRODUCTS:

MyCell Ultra D3 (Liquid) 39.95  My Cell D 3 (Softgels) $39.95

Nutrimmune 26y $49.95

Cell Defense $59.95 / Cell Defense Cur-Q-Gold 79.95

Goggles Eye Protection $19.95

Hazmat Suit (2 sizes) $69.95











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