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The NEW MAGI Carbon 70 Spin Resonance Reversal Detoxifier Protects the body from toxic spin resonance ELF including 5G and 6G ELF epigenetic electrotoxins.  Wear this new MAGI on the Sacrum or sacred bone of the body to block ELF toxins influencing biological reactions, immunity and neurological functions.

It should be taken with Dr Bill Deagle MD  Core Electroxtoxin NutriMeds including Cell Defense, Cell Defense Cur-Q Gold, Power C PLUS, Ultra Thiamine B1, H2 Plex both for siglet radical, Cell Detox Glutathione, NADH and Selenium Cruciferate for hydroperoxyl radical, and Gamma E Plus for nitroperoxyl radical.

Additional toxin blocking can be achieved with Power C PLUS, Ellagic Acid, MalignaBlock and NEW SUPER TriAlkali Salts.

Magnetic MAGI
MAGI Instruction Sheet