DEFENSE WIPES (Out of stock)






Also Shown: Nutrimmune26Y, NutriDefense, and Nutriodine

Our first Line of Defense Kit against ALL bacteria and viruses.


NutriMedical’s Defense Wipes120 Wipes

Laurinsin Anti-Microbial Skin Wipes with Monolaurin and Nisin

For Healthier, Cleaner Skin

Because germs are everywhere all year around–on every surface and in the air–it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep yourself and your family healthy and protected against illnesses . NutriMedical offers a product called Defense Wipes, Microbial Skin Wipes, which are made with ingredients that help neutralize germs on contact.

  • Environmental sanitizer that helps keep you and your family protected against germs and illnesses
  • Contains active food-grade ingredients that may help neutralize germs on contact
  • Can be used on both the hands and face to maintain healthy, germ-free skin

Don’t let germs take over. Keep yourself and your family clean and healthy with Ecological Formulas’ Laurinisin Anti-Microbial Skin Wipes. Give them a try today, and see the difference natural choices can make for your health!




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