Hydroponically cultivated chromium cruciferate contains non-toxic and bioavailable forms of chromium that have been metabolized by the plant. Chromium Cruciferate is a plant based supplement that contains natural complexes of chromium, as controlled by nature. Hydroponically cultivated mustard greens bind trivalent chromium to bioavailable phytochelatins, providing a highly concentrated standardized mineral content free from contaminants. Also present are isothiocyanates, sulfurophanes and naturally occurring antioxidants.




CHROMIUM (ORGANIC 30 Capsules) Johns Hopikins Cruciferous Organic Non-toxic Chromium Salts for Insulin Receptor Activation Diabetes Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Fatty Acid Control



Chromium Cruciferate is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement containing natural complexes of chromiumm‚ as controlled by nature‚ and not by man. The hydroponically cultivated mustard greens bind trivalent chromium to bioavailable phytochelatins.

Chromium Cruciferate 200 mcg by,  is a dietary supplement designed to help maintain normal blood glucose levels. The key ingredient featured in Chromium Cruciferate 200 mcg by,  is chromium sourced from hydroponically cultivate mustard greens. Chromium, which is an essential trace mineral found in certain foods such as wholegrain cereal and nuts, plays a large role in helping make glucose available for producing energy.

Men and women who take Chromium Cruciferate 200 mcg by,  on a regular basis as directed can receive a number of important health benefits:

  • Aids in regulating blood glucose levels.

  • Helps to improve blood circulation.

  • Aids in weight loss by helping the body build muscle from fat reserves.

  • Helps to prevent high cholesterol levels.

  • Aids in increasing lean body mass while lowering fat levels during the weight loss process.


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