Bladder Peptide DNA Regenerative




Bladder Peptide DNA Regenerative – Take with Dr Bill’s custom formulas for men or women. For men talk Prostate Flow, Bladder UP and Swedish Flower Pollen and antipathogenic formulas Nutriodine, AllicinMED, NutruSilver, NutriDefense and NutrImmune 26Y and antiinflammatories and cytokine blockers.  For women the antipathogenics, Bladder UP and Swedish Flower Pollen and antiinflammatories and cytokine blockers.


Helps to regulate the metabolism process in the urinary BLADDER wall cells, improving their flexibity and control. It has anti-oxidative properties, regulating the oxidation process in the bladder wall tissues. It has been shown to help combat overactive bladder syndrome (OBS) and benign prostate hyperlasia (BPH) improving urine flow and chronic cystitis and may be used with Prostate peptide in men.

The typical way to dose any peptide bioregulator is to initially take an ‘intensive’ course which is 2 capsules a day for 30-days (60 capsules) and then follow every 3 months with 2 capsules a day for 10-days (20 capsules). Therefore, the ‘average person’ requires 120 capsules of a peptide bioregulator for a year.

In some cases, where there is a more severe need, the repeat regime can be increased to 20-capsules every 2-months, or even every month. These amended doses can only be judged in practice and for the need of the individual.