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Alkaline tissue pH optimized to pH 8.4 extracellular fluids, promotes detoxification, oxygenation and rejuvenation of tissues and organs.  This amazing Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium Bicarbonate fine powder should be added to filtered water or clean drinks at one tspn two to three times per day.  Test urine after 24 hour plus on this cycle to promote detoxification, gene expression, enzymatic healing inducing tissue rejuvenation and healing.

Take with Power C PLUS, Free Radical Blockers Ultra Thiamine B1, H2 Plex Cell Detox Glutathione and Selenium Cruciferate and Gamma E Plus.

DNA Repain is amplified with Red Deer Velvet DR, Sports EnerG Lyte, NADH, MicroDose HGH, Indium-Me, 5htp with Power Methyl B12 and Super Folate to make Melatonin in the body and induce sleep.  Avoid Blue Light at night and may use blue blocker glasses during the day.

Radiation Protection – MAGI Carbon 70 EMF Protection NOW Available. Wear on sacrum to block spin resonant electrotoxins, building high body healing epigenetic frequencies.