Medical Consult

Video Telemedicine Worldwide:

Purchase two initial time units for first hour we schedule a Video Consult Worldwid, receipt of medical records, reports, labs, images or links to view, and lists of drugs, supplements, and alternative or experimental study therapies, Dr Bill Deagle MD and his First Nation Medical Board colleagues will schedule a Video TeleMedicine Audio/ Video Consult.

Video Consult will review LIVE with the TeleMedicine individual and relatives, all documents, images, labs, and reports on screen to be discussed.

New Consult People Fill 11 Page Integrative History:

Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, provides an 11 page Integrative Functional Medical History Form, to be completed before the Video Conference is Scheduled.

We connect by phone, Skype, or digital audio connection software Worldwide.

After the Video TeleMedicine Consult, you will be forwarded a link to view your review of reports, and analysis of plans for referrals to other providers, imaging, labs kits to send, and plans.

Future Video TeleMedicine visits will include review of NutriMeds, Healing Alternative Tech, Quantum Diagnostic Scans e.g. Biophilia Two, Hunter Scan, and your QRS local scan data pdf reports.

If other affiliated health providers are recommended in our Native Board Network, phone audio additions are made to provide a Worldwide Video Conference Consultation.

Dr Bill Deagle MD uses USA, Canadian, and European Plus Overseas, National Federally Certified Labs.

To complete care to Conventional and Alternative Medical Providers US or Worldwide, and Overseas Labs, Dr Bill Deagle MD will recommend tests that can be your regular providers or First Nations or Alternative Care Providers Worldwide.

He may refer to Surgical, Medical, Imaging, Stem Cell Centers or Other Types of Healing Technologies Providers are part of the Plan for Healing, Regeneration and Antiaging.

Rates for Phone or Video TeleMedicine Consults are $160 per 30 minutes, with estimation of time required with prepayment required.

Additional time on Phone Consult, Video TeleMedicine or Consult Preparation Time is billed per agreement to cover the total consult time required.

Please email with any questions before starting the First Nations Medical Membership consult process with Dr Bill Deagle MD and affiliated colleagues Worldwide.


    Personal Consult per 1/2 time unit phone, preparation and review of protocols with Dr Bill Deagle MD… Usually purchase two minimum time units and additional time units billed per this formula for advice.   *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This advise is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

You may call our orders line for a simple callback @ 888-212-8871.