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Mountain Red Deer Velvet 60 capsules 500 mg $79.95
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Common Uses:

Nature's Concentrated Nutritional Source

Tired? Aches and pains? Run down? In need of a boost?

Then Mountain Red Deer Velvet could be for you. 

(Our Stem Cell Mobilizersuperior replacement.)

Mountain Red Deer Velvet antler is a 100% natural health solution. Backed by over 2000 years of traditional use, extensive analysis has shown that velvet contains a rich source of essential minerals for maintaining healthy bodies. Used in the Eastern world for centuries, velvet antler has gone largely unnoticed in the Western nutritional supplements market until now.

Deer Velvet is a rich source of ingredients shown to have many health benefits, including:

Maintaining the body's general well being. Assistance with good joint care and improved mobility. Boosting the body's natural immune system in order to support against colds and 'flu. Improvement in the body's strength, stamina and athletic performance. Natural source of proteins, amino acids, minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin, Omega 3 and Omega 6. This traditional remedy may be one of nature's safest multipurpose sources of energy. Because Deer Velvet is the only living mammalian tissue that grows and is shed each year, it is believed to be a treasure trove of biologically active substances.

Cost Effective, 100% natural, Premium quality Deer Velvet from New Zealand. Additive and Preservative Free. Easy to take - One 500mg capsule, once daily. Mountain Red? Deer Velvet is sustainably managed, with the antler regenerating annually. Throughout the removal process, there is strict adherence to humane methods ensuring that no animal is harmed or injured during the process.

The History of Deer Velvet

Deer Velvet's remarkable health promoting and rejuvenating properties have been prized in the Orient for over 2000 years. Today, Western clinical and scientific research of deer velvet is proving the validity of traditional medicine claims. Ongoing research into the benefits of deer velvet is attracting worldwide attention. To date, the research results are showing that this ancient remedy may be one of nature's safest multipurpose sources of energy.

Scientific studies with deer velvet have so far concentrated on testing for growth, endurance and stamina, immunology, and anti-inflammatory activity. Because deer velvet is the only living mammalian tissue that grows and is shed each year, it is believed to be a treasure trove of biologically active substances.

Extensive research in Russia, China, Korea and New Zealand has shown that deer velvet contains a rich source of essential minerals, vitamins, major amino acids and other nutrients. These include natural steroids, male and female hormones, anti-inflammatory prostaglandins (cell function regulators that tell the body how to respond to inflammation, tissue injury and pain), the protein collagen (well known for promoting healthy skin and hair), and the natural growth hormone IGF-1. For centuries it's been used to control blood pressure, increase hemoglobin levels, increase lung efficiency, improve recuperation, improve muscle tone and glandular functions, sharpen mental alertness, relieve the inflammation of arthritis and heal stomach ulcers.

There has been recent interest in this ancient remedy since the results of a unique scientific testing programme carried out in New Zealand by AgResearch. The results of these tests are capturing the attention of scientists' worldwide and exciting clinical researchers with the potential applications for deer velvet in today's mainstream healthcare.

Westerners have only recently begun to make use of this ancient remedy. Many people have been unwilling to take deer velvet seriously because of the notion that it is an aphrodisiac. Deer velvet is named after the soft velvet-like covering of deer antlers while they are growing and still in a cartilaginous state, before they harden into bone. Every year the stag's antlers grow with remarkable swiftness and every year, after the roar and mating season, the antlers are cast to begin the cycle again in the spring.

On New Zealand deer farms the antlers are removed painlessly under strict New Zealand Deer Industry Velvet Removal Programme standards, before they harden, in order to protect the stags from each other, and to harvest the velvet, which can then be processed in licensed governmentally controlled facilities.

To study New Zealand deer velvet in comparison with the Russian and Chinese (traditionally regarded as the gold standard of deer velvet) both young and mature Red Deer, Wapiti and Fallow Deer antlers were analysed in a report published in 1992. The antler was dried and weighed and then each antler was divided into four sections, ash, mineral and lipid (or fat) content was then measured. While the mineral content of the antlers were similar, the lipid content of New Zealand Red Deer was found to be higher than the Russian Maral and Chinese Malu. It is believed that it is in the lipid portion that the valuable active ingredients of velvet are found, thus a higher lipid content the greater the efficacy of the deer velvet.

Instructions/How to Use:

Take one to two capsules twice per day for antiaging and four plus capsules four times per day for performance athletics or recovery from serious illness or injury to stimulate STEM CELL Rejuvenation of ORGAN and TISSUE FUNCTIONS.


Composition Mountain Red? New Zealand Deer Velvet

Nature's Concentrated Nutritional Source

Deer Velvet Composition

The active ingredients contained in New Zealand Deer Velvet include a variety of Proteins, Lipids, Minerals, Trace Elements, Growth Factors, Growth Hormones, and Glycosaminoglycans:


The structural materials in cells that aid tissue growth and repair.


Builds cell components and boosts energy to enhance cellular activities. Deer velvet contains all essential fatty acids including Omega 3 and 6, Protoeolipids, and gangliosides.


A protein widely recognised for the promotion of healthily skin and hair but also a vital structural protein component of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage, providing elasticity and shock absorbing properties and a strong framework to hold other cells. Collagen is known to help rebuild joint cartilage.

Amino Acids

Deer velvet contains over 30 Amino Acids including ten of the most essential.

Minerals/Trace Elements


Provides structure for bones and teeth, and is essential for nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction and blood clotting.


Necessary for red blood cell development, bones, and nerves.


Essential for blood cells transporting oxygen throughout the body.


Needed for development of bones and connective tissue, and for normal functioning of the nervous system.


Powerful antioxidant.


Required in metabolic reactions and storing and releasing energy in cells.


Provides structure for bones and teeth, and is a component of nearly all metabolic reactions.


For nerve and muscle function.


A component of various amino acids and insulin.


Involved in digestion and respiration, and is necessary for normal wound healing and skin health.

Growth Factors

Improves muscular development. Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF-1) and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). Growth hormones and factors have an effect on growth and maintenance of bones and stimulating cartilage growth. They also have growth promoting actions on the skin.



An amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body and is a major basic nutrient used by the body in the production, maintenance and repair of all joint structure including cartilage, bone, tendon, ligaments and joint fluids. It is also a component of synovial fluid, which lubricates and serves as a shock absorber for the joints.


Extremely potent anti-inflammatory agent.


A chemical regulator produced in all tissues that tell the body how to react to inflammation, infection and pain. Causes a broad range of positive effects on many of the body's defense systems.


In cell membranes these are the effective structural materials that help facilitate the passage of fat in and out of the cells and the blood.


What is deer velvet? Male deer grow antlers every year. While they are regrowing, the developing antlers are covered in a soft skin with short furry hair, which resembles velvet in texture and hence the term 'velvet antler'. This process of annual regeneration is unique to deer. How do I purchase Mountain Red deer velvet? Mountain Red is available from our Purchase Page.  How much velvet is in each bottle? Each bottle contains 60 capsules of pure New Zealand Deer Velvet. Each capsule contains 500mg of product. No fillers, additives or expanders. Only the pure product. This is sufficient for two months use when used as recommended. One capsule, once daily. Why is the velvet removed? What is not widely known is that in the wild, the male deer sheds antler each year, and in this respect the harvesting of velvet antler is merely the modification of a natural event. Indeed, for deer farmed in New Zealand, it is recommended that velvet is removed each year, in order to prevent stags using them as weapons and damaging themselves and other deer, as is common in the wild. Does removing the velvet hurt the deer? Absolutely not. The removal of the velvet is a very humane process. In New Zealand, velvet can only be removed by veterinarians or specifically trained and certified farmers, under the strict control of the New Zealand Government's Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and mandated by New Zealand law. What type of person should consider taking Mountain Red? velvet? As deer velvet's wide ranging benefits become more evident, it's use as a dietary supplement to enhance one's health has now expanded, with velvet being used for a wide range of general health promoting benefits. Deer velvet should be of interest to the following groups in particular: Anyone seeking a product that restores the bodies general balance and wellbeing Those who wish to support their immune systems, in order to protect the body from colds and 'flu Those people wanting to improve their strength, stamina and/or their athletic performance Those people who are looking for a product to assist with good joint care mobility Those people who are in need of assistance with recovery after injury Is deer velvet safe? What about people taking prescription medicines? Pure Deer Velvet Antler has been widely used for over 2000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is widely used to this day in China, Korea, Japan, and Russia. Whilst there are no reported interactions with prescription medications, as is common with all dietary supplements, it is recommended that anyone taking prescription medication or who may suffer from an acute or chronic health condition should consult with their health care professional before using this product if they are at all concerned. How is deer velvet taken? There are many forms of deer velvet currently available, however Mountain Red deer velvet comes in an easy to take capsule formula containing 500mg of pure New Zealand deer velvet. It is suggested that 2 capsules be taken for the first two weeks and one capsule daily following this. Simply wash the capsule down with a glass of water. May be taken at mealtimes. Does deer velvet take time to be effective? Individual results will vary dependent upon many factors, and for the type of health benefit being sought. It is usual to see a response in around three weeks. What about research on the health benefits of deer velvet? Deer velvet has been and is still currently being researched all over the world and the New Zealand Deer Industry has funded a research programme into deer velvet since the 1980's. Recent research conducted in New Zealand has shown the positive effects of deer velvet: In stimulating the immune system As an anti-inflammatory In improving athletic performance In promoting growth What makes Mountain Red? Deer Velvet different from other products? There are many products containing deer velvet on the market. Many of these include additives or other ingredients that may or may not have health benefits. An increasing body of scientific evidence has shown that for deer velvet to be of benefit 500mg is a minimum recommended daily dose. For this reason Mountain Red velvet comes in this dose form. Mountain Red deer velvet is manufactured using the highest quality of deer velvet antler and guarantees traceability of its product back to individual animals on individual farms. Only Quality Assured farms acting under strict Veterinary supervision, and in line with current New Zealand legislation, supply deer velvet for Mountain Red Limited products. This ensures that humane animal welfare standards are adhered to and the supply of premium, pure New Zealand deer velvet to the Mountain Red product range. Mountain Red deer velvet is 100% pure New Zealand Red Deer velvet and is manufactured under GMP, and NZ MAF certification.

The Mountain Red Difference Why should you choose Mountain Red?? Superior Quality Velvet All deer velvet used in Mountain Red Products is guaranteed superior quality New Zealand Red Deer Velvet ensuring customers receive a product of distinction. Humane removal of velvet antler All Deer Velvet used in Mountain Red Products is harvested using techniques accredited by the New Zealand Veterinary Association Quality Assurance Protocol, to ensure no animal is harmed during the velvet removal process. Science Based Evidence We work closely with research teams both in New Zealand and Internationally in order to supply customers with current scientific developments with deer velvet. cGMP manufacturing Facility Mountain Red Deer Velvet products are manufactured to the highest cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure a pharmaceutical grade product standard and adherence with NZ MAF (New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's) regulations to ensure customer satisfaction with all products. Traceability Mountain Red? guarantees traceability of its product back to individual animals on individual farms. The New Zealand Difference New Zealand is blessed with excellent natural resources conducive to livestock production. Deer farming in New Zealand is carried out in an internationally recognised clean, green and natural environment. Scientific research has proven the quality of New Zealand deer velvet to be equivalent to that of the Chinese Malu ? traditionally deemed the gold standard of deer velvet. New Zealand maintains excellent disease free status for all major diseases including BSE, TSE and Foot and Mouth Disease.



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120 caps

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