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06/28/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Wednesday June 28th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Josh Bernstein, Health Bill Politically Radioactive, Solved Multiple Healing Health Bills, Preventive Care Bill, Democrats Called to Collaborate or Shut up with Midterms, Lorretta Lynch trial, Susan Rice indictment, Obama indictment, Deep State Removal from Power, CNN FCC license revoked, NYT and other papers license to publish gone, No Place for Deep State Anti-Trump Media, Spicer Conflict with Demon-Rat Media Journalists, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  LessEMF, Emile DeToffle DDS MEng, Protection from EMP, Meters for Home Electrotoxins, Dangers of Cell Phones, Smart Meter Cell Dysruption, Low Cost radiation UV and eletrosmog meters, simple barrier materials for body protection, Second Half, Mountain Red Deer Velvet, 396 Biomolecules, Placental Equivalent for Body Recloning, No One is Older Than a Seven Year Old, Leg Bocks for Humans, Build A Better You, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Kevin Kenny, Book Fall 3017, Socialism Sucks, Broad Discussion of America as only Christian Personal Responsibility Non-Socialist State, Health Care VAT to County and Power to the People, Solutions to CIvics Lessons, Muslim Deradicalization, Fired Houston Imams after Alliance with Trumps Vetting Travel Ban, Left has no soul, Socialism is Ultimately GODless, Top Down Control in Venezuela, 


06/27/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Tuesday June 27th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, KBU Karatbars University, Jim Deal, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Karatbars Currency winning war with Crytocurrencies and Fractional Reserve Currencies, Trump's Multipolar Trade World, NWO Unipolar Cashless Matrix, How To Do Karatbars, Why to Do Karatbars, Don't take a Cashless Mark and Allegiance of Darkness, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Farid, KardioVasc, perfusion is the king of circulation, reverse arterial blockage, lower blood pressure, stop viscous blood flow, relief hypertension, stop plaque formation, prevent stroke, stop heart attack, rescue low tissue oxygen and acidity, Second Half, 1.5 hours interview, Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert, The Trump Prophecies, The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow ... and What He Says is NEXT, Firefight turn to Lighting Spiritual Fires of TRUTH, The Great Revival of America and Sleeping Christianity, MAGA Make America Great Again, MACA Make America Christian Again, MASA Make America Safe Again, GOD's plan to break the Global Satanic NWO New World Order,  Records of the Harvest, Just like Secretiat race horse from behind broke records, Prayers for America to Stand for Christian Action and God's Will for the Harvest, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert, The Trump Prophecies, The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow ... and What He Says is NEXT, Firefight turn to Lighting Spiritual Fires of TRUTH, The Great Revival of America and Sleeping Christianity, MAGA Make America Great Again, MACA Make America Christian Again, MASA Make America Safe Again, GOD's plan to break the Global Satanic NWO New World Order,  Records of the Harvest, Just like Secretiat race horse from behind broke records, Prayers for America to Stand for Christian Action and God's Will for the Harvest, Mary Colbert and White House Call from Hour Two, Abortion in America, Sin of Apostasy, Christian Church AWOL, Times of Harvest Start NOW, Trump will be protected, succes not only economic but spiritual, Peace in MidEast, Alliance with Russia, Wipe Out ISIS, God's World Order, Prayer by Dr Bill for the Worldwide Believers and America, Prayer of Call to Action, Mary Colbert and Mark Taylor's calling to believers, Prayer Protection of Trump Pence and Agenda of Godly Peace Through Strength, Scripture Reading Dr Bill of Psalms 91:9-11, Judgement on Systems Not America, 150 Million Plus righteous Believer's, America not Soddom,  Harvest of Souls Starts Now!, 


06/23/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Friday June 23rd 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Harley Schlanger,, EIR Executive Inteligence Review,, 

Below are this week's links from LaRouche PAC:

What Everyone Is Pretending Not To Notice

Give Americans Some Credit

New York to Larouche PAC: Thank You for Defending the Presidency (One minute video)

LaRouche: The British Empire Uses War and Money to Control Nations  (Three minute video)

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Protocols for Wellness, Bell Palsy, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Bells Palsy with Tinnitus, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Pain Generators, buying and use of Free consults on QRMA, EBV Epstein Barr Virus recovery, Peripheral Neuropathy, Small bowel tumor obstruction NutriMeds protocols, Gastritis, Dental Molar Infection, A to Z NutriMeds, Ageless to Omega Cod Liver Liquid, Ageless, Allerblock, AllicinMed, AntiAgeMAX, Arthrit-X, Berberstatin, BioLVR, Biotin Plus, Bone Generator, Bladder Up, BrainMAG, Brain Power, CALMind, Carnosine D-Link, CDP Choline, Cell Defense Plus, Cell Detox Glutathione, ChelorMax, Chromium Organic, Cognition PLUS, CollagenMAX, Colon Cleanse, Copper RegeneMax, CoQ10 Supreme, CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol, Curcumin Cream, D-Ribose, Defense Wipes, DHEA Cream, DiabetaLean, DIgestEase, Ellagic Acid, Ferritin, Niosh N95 Flu Radiation Masks, Forskolin, Full Vitamin K2, Gamma E Plus, Gastrozyme, Gluten Immune, Glutenase, Glycem-X, Green Tea Supreme, Hormone Synergy, IBS-Care, Inflam-X, Joint Performance, Leptin Metabolic, Life Support, LipoFlush, Living Probiotic, Living Probiotic Ultra, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Potassium CItrate, MalignaBlock, MegaMuscles, Melatonin TR, Menierin, MensMAX, MicroDose, Minerals Plus, Mitochondrial Catalysts, MitoThyroid, MyCell Ultra D3, MyCell D3 5,000 IU, NADH, Nattokinase, NeoVasc, NeuroGen, Norival, NutriComplete, NutriDefense, NutrImmune 26Y, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Firing Line Protocols for Wellness, Epstein Barr Virus, Bells Palsy, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Bells plus Tinnitus, Peripheral Neuropathy, Small Bowel Cancer Osteomy Blockage, Liver Cancer, Gastritis, Periodontal Molar Infection, Dysphagia, Staging Cancer Spiral CT or MRI and within 48 hours PET Scan for hot lesions, Liver Cancer, Autoimmune Liver Disease, QRMA Metapathia Test Sites, 


06/22/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Thursday June 22nd 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Larry Pratt,, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Congressional Stall on Conceal Cary and No Gun Free Zones Bills, Push the Bills to Make D.C. and Make America Safe Again MASA, Extreme Vetting Travellers Emigrees and Residents, Five Fold Deagle Plan for Metadata Screening, Civil Detention Plans by Score, One Social Media, Two Banking Transactions, Three Travel, Four Affiliations, FIve Publications and Actions, Deagle plan to join Local US Sherriff's Militia Trauma Doc Patriot, Reup Medical and Military Skills, Learn New Skills BTLS BCLS and Triage, Peace Through Armed Peacmaking Public, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Ryan Frace, NutriMeds Team, NutrImmune 26Y, CoQ10 Supreme, BrainMAG, CALMind, Drinks from, AgeLess, Life Support, Glycem-X, NutriComplete, Gamma E Plus, Ultra Thiamine B1, Cell Detox Glutathione, Omega Supreme Pro, Leptin Metabolic, Berberstatin, Diabeta Lean, Berberstatin, Biotin PLUS, Nutriodine, AllicinMED, NutruSilver, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Derek P Gilbert, book The Great Inception, Satan's Psyops from Eden to Armageddon, The Demigods war with the Most High GOD, Eden, Fall of the Nephilim, ZIggurat artificial mountain university of Babel, Three reasons for Evil on Earth, God's Plan to Ride Mankind of Evil, The Rapture of Evil Taken out at midpoint of the last seven years, Sukkot Day One of Prophetic seven Hebrew years, Three Phases of Peace, Kusher and Israel with Palestine, Two Arab Acceptance and Mutual Defense, Three Muslim Caliphate in Jerusalem and Hebrew Sacrifice on Sukkot at Springs of Gihon, Genetic Engineering, Return of the Nephilim, Coming Matrix, Cashless World Worshipping Gaia Mother Earth, Rome Head False Prophet, Beast out of the Earth America if Trump falls or mutates with Evil, Apollo obcession of Trump, Alliance with Vatican Jesuits concern of Trump, Succes on Political Landscape with Growing Power, Pray for Trump and Pence, Pray for America modern Nineveh, 


06/21/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Wednesday June 21st 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Josh Bernstein, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Trumps Mideast Syrian Military support of ISIS, Crazy Trump Syrian Policy, Jesuit control of US White House Concerns, Trump N Korean Options, Deagle Plan for N Korean Neutralization, Trump collboration to Wipe OUT ISIS with Russia,  Post ISIS Syria and MidEast Peace, Jared Kushner Now in Israel for MidEast Peace, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Jim Guerci, QRMA and Metapathia Testing in NYC, or email, Quantum Resonant Predictive Diagnostics, Functional Medicine Confirmatory Testing and Consultation, Healing Protocols for Wellness, NutriMeds and Technologies for Optimized Gene Based and Epigenetic Rejuvenation, second half, Farid, KardioVasc, seven synergetic herbs for heart and vascular optimized health, Don't take substitutes, Take KardioVasc to prevent heart attack stroke DVT deep 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Jonathan Gray, AOC Ark of the Convenant Video, Sunday June 18th 2017 Simulcast Video, Symbol of Covenant with GOD, Fourth Commandment, Tie of Rome with Sun worship, Global Gaia Earth Goddess Worship, World Council of Churches under UN and Vatican, Concern for Apollo fixation of Trump in Trump Towers, Dangers of Inaction vs Islam and China with N Korea. Danger of Reactive Hyper-Globalist Religious Police State, Dangers of this or future US President become the Beast Dictator, Pray for Trump - Pence Presidency, Correction in Islamic Policy, Syrian Policy, Vatican Policy, Pass many small health bills to fix Obamacare,


06/20/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Tuesday June 20th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, KBU Karatbars University, Jim Deal, Pete Fettig, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Update on Insane Syrian War Policy of Trump's Syrian Gererals, Dangers of Russian Air and Naval War in MidEast, The Jangal World Currency Game, 14 Trillion Corporate Debt, Billions of Commercial Real Estate Near Crashing, Europe Euro in Crisis, Venezuela is Spreading, World IMF China Yuan Gold Scam, Brexit Trade Crisis, Open Borders to Transnational Corporate Rape, Out of Country Trillions, Stalled Trump Tax Health Agenda, GET INTO Karabars NOW !, Step 1 Make a List, Step 2 Call Sizzle Call to New Client Saver, Step 3 Send Videos email, Step 4 Sign Up KYC Know Your Customer Docs, Step 5 Rinse and Repeat per Don Gilromo Million Heart Failure Super Success, Consistency one hour per day five days a week, Be there for downline, Not Interested NEXT, Keep Moving, Keep in Contact by email with Curious, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Protocols for Wellness, New Word Press Site coming mid July 2017, Upgrades to and Deagle-Network, CoHost Podcast Audio and Video and LiveStream Event Channels, Review of NutriMeds A to Z, second half, Mountain Red Deer Velvet, Toner for Life, Lego Blocks for Human, No One is Older than a 7 year Old, Build a Better YOU!, 396 biomolecules six growth regenerative hormones, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, First Segment Review of Protocols for Wellness, A to Z NutriMeds Unique Formula to Heal and Regenerate YOU, Last Three segments, NutriMedical Protocols for Wellness continue. 


06/19/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Monday June 19th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, HOUR ONE - RBN, Andrew Schatkin, Last Show, Debate Supports Judicial Activism vs. Dr Bill and Constitutional Orginalists, Ninth Circuit Judges should be removed from the bench automatically, No need for Judicial Review when Prima Facia Violation of Constitutional Separation of Powers, Delays that Cause Dead Americans from Terrorism puts blood on hands of Judicial Activists and Supporters, Announcement of July 15th new, Customers will have access to email and callbacks, Future Protocols for Wellness ONLY for Members signing up for monthly or yearly membership access. 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  News, Julius Caesar in Park Sedition, Alex Jones NBC Megyn Kelly Scam, Approach to Sandy Hook, Pulse Florida Killer, Portland Christmas Light Bomber, FBI and CIA shadowing terrorists, Terrorists are US, New Protocols Reviewed, Liver Cancer, Dysphagia, Intestinal Cancer with Small Bowel Ostomy Obstruction, OCD Obcessive Compulsive Disorder, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Jim Guerci, Toughest Health and Spiritual Questions, Power of Prayer, Memes adn Corporate Collective Consiousness Thoughts,, QRMA Predictive Quantum Testing, Metapathia Tissue Organ sectioning and fusion with consultation, End Times Issues, Mark of the Beast , Jarrod Kushner Peace Negotiations, Sukkot last Seven Years coming soon, Jewish Covernanct with DEATH, America's Future if Trump Assassinated or Impeached, Trump-Pence Sign of Mercy by GOD, Next President may be Beast Dictator of Trump if impeached or dead, Warning for Prayer and Repentance of Believers in America and Worldwide. 


06/16/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Friday June 16th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Harley Schlanger,, EIR Executive Intelligence Review,, 

Dr. Deagle--

Below are this week's links from LaRouche PAC:

Stop the Coup Against the President  (10 Minute Video)

What Are the Real Issues Behind All This?

The Guns Are Out for Trump -- He Must Move Fast to Join the Silk Road, Restore Glass-Steagall

Damn the Russiagate Hype -- Listen to LaRouche: Federal Credit Now!

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Mark Taylor, Book Launch,, The Trump Prophecies - The Man Who Saw the Future...and What Will Happen Next!, Prayers by Mark Taylor and Dr Bill Deagle MD for America and Church Repentance, Need to Neutralize Media, Intel Deep State, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Firing Line Wellness Protocols, Michelle Deagle Host, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, Answers to Your Health Questions, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, Paresthesia of Tongue, Lung Cancer Stealth Infections, Protocols for Hypertension, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Renal Function Recovery, Gouty Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cataracts, Retinopathy, Lumen Photon for Cataracts Retinopathy, 


06/15/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Thursday June 15th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Rob Roselli,, Pleased to Meet You, The UN American Genocidal Complex, books to open your heart and mind to the Truth about America lost its way, Repent and Heal America, The TrumPence of GOD is blowing today, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Wellness Protocols for Healing, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, Head to Toe, Balding, SIght, Hearing, Balance, Periodontal, Neck Circulation, Shoulders Musculoskeletal, Heart, Lung, Esophagus to Stomach, Small to Large Bowel, SBO Small Bowel Overgrowth, Leaky Gut, Hip and Joint Arthritis Hips Knees, Skin, Hair, Nails, Mind, Memory, Dementia, ADD, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmunity, NEWS, Mueller Skull and Bones Widens Counsel to attack Trump for Accusation vs Russian Investigation, Killer from SanderClaus, Left Losing IT, Debate and Dialogue, NOT Religious LEFTist extremism, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, QRMA Metapathia, New Memberships, Questions for the Friday Protocols for Wellness Firing LIne Show Hour with Michelle, New Members Access to New Protocols for Wellness Access email and phone callback from Dr Bill, later fist segment Mark Taylor Prophetic President Trump - Pence Book, continues with prayers for Christian Believers and American Repentance and Unity in Spirit to Protect Trump-Pence and Our Nation to be a BLESSING to the World, Prayer by Dr Bill Deagle MD, Prayer by Mark Taylor, Returning Talk, Friday June 16th, Hour Two,


06/14/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Wednesday June 14th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Josh Bernstein, Sessions Vindication, Shooter of Congressmena Scalise, Maddow Fan, Barry Sanders Fan, AntiGOP AntiTrump, Sedition from Left Dems, Regimen Change Crimes of Left Intel Media Fourth Estate, Civil Detention for Islam, Drug Cartels, Media and Intel Dems Trying Leaking Sedition, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  LessEMF, Emil DeToffle DDS Eng, Home ELF Testers High Frequency Electrosmog, Radiation Detectors Fukushima local Nuke Reactors, Switches Remote turn off Home WiFi and ELF, Blocking material for step down transformers, New Harmonic Resonant Generator with Consultation NutriMeds Protocols, second half, Mountain Red Deer, Velvet 396 Biomolecules six hormones, Build a Better You, No One is Older than a Seven Year Old, DR Cap Mtn Red Velvet Coming Soon, Surgical Patent Mtn Red Velvet in 2017, Cloning your New Self every Day and Night, Stem Cell Ultimate Support, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Open Lines Callers, Review of Drudge Current Events, Congressman Scalise Shooting, Trump Media Julius Caesar in the Park NYC Murder of President in Play, AntiGOP AntiTrump hits new low, Protocols for Wellness, Eczema, Prostate, Stealth Infections in Cancer, Diabetes underlying free radicals, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Vascular Disease, Dangers of Xorelto Eliquis Apaxaban, Blood Viscosity, Singulex Cardiac Markers, PAI1, underlying cause of plaque and reversal NutriMeds, 


06/13/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Tuesday June 13th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Sessions Atty Genl Senate Hearing, Russia Scantastic Narrative, DNC Media Intel Deep State, Wellness Protocols of Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, New Protocols for Wellness, Memberships for NutriMedical Protocols Access Emails and Call Backs by Phone Skype, Major New Easy of Use Websites, Podcasting and Simulcast Video Network Launch, New Word Press News Christian Perspective Abover Govt Tech and Solutions for Nations, People and Earth, Listen and Call in 800-313-9443 to hear Dr Bill provide God Inspired Solutions and Analysis ON AIR, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Wellness Protocols of Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, Jim Guerci QRMA Metapathia NYC Test Clinic, Quantum Predictive Telemedicine, Identification of Imbalances Deficiencies Toxins and Organ Dysfunction, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, First half, Jim Guerci, Tough Questions re Truth Spirituality and Prayer, Quantum Functional Medicine, Second half, Dr Bill Reviews Protocols for Wellness, 


06/09/17 -


HOUR ONE - RBN, Harley Schlanger,, EIR, Executive Intelligence Review,, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Trump Vindicated re Russian Election Collaboration, Megyn Kelly taken apart by Putin in Video, 

Below are this week's links from LaRouche PAC:

LaRouche: Stop the FBI Fraud; Stop the Coup Against the President; What the Lying Media Is Not Telling You

World Silk Road of Development and Peace--Going from 'Concept to Action'

The Insurrection Against the President, or Who Really is George Soros Anyway?

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Derek Gilbert,, Book, The Great Inception Satan's Psyops from Eden to Armageddon, Long Time Evil Strategies of Domination of Mankind, Nephilim to Tower of Bable, leaders of CLAY and IRON such as Hildabeast Hillary Clinton, Analysis of ancient biblical truth, The Book of Enoch, Dr Michael Heiser's book, Reversing Hermon The Book of Enoch The Watchers ... , The Council of the Eschaton, Second Heavenly Collective of Beings, Battle in the Heavenlies vs. God, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Protocols for Wellness, Michelle Host with Dr Bill on the Firing Line, Your Health Challenge Questions, NutriMeds for Optimized Bioavailable Health, Protocols for, SVT Supraventricular Tachycardia, Lyme Disease, Insect Bite Prevention, New Topical Insect Repellant to be posted up, Cataracts, Dysphagia, Diverticulosis, Facial Fungal Infection, Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Clots in Legs, Enzymes for Clots, Nattokinase, Serraflazyme, Arthrit-X, Tendon Mender, Joint Performance, KardioVasc, CoQ10 Supreme, CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol, VascuCare, Vein Away, Ultra Thiamine B1, Gamma E PLUS, Cell Detox Glutathione, NutriTRALA, SuperNOX, AntiAgeMAX, AMPK Enzyme Antiaging, Power C PLUS, Full Vitamin K2, Congestive Heart Failure, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Endometriosis, XenoEstrogen Detox, NutriDefense, SAMethyl, Hormone Synergy, Coconut water, MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides, Sports EnerG Lyte electrolytes antioxidants, 


06/08/17 -

THE NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT SHOW --- Thursday June 8th 2017

HOUR ONE - RBN, Bill Warner,, Get the Sura, Life of Mohammed, In Correct Time Sequence Koran, Books, Understand the Dangers of Islam, Takkia and Maroona Lies of Islam, Islamification of Europe, World Domination Goals, May Day for Britain and PM Elections today, Issues of Civil Detention Camps Metadata Scores, Western Actions vs. Sharia Law, Honor Killings, Female Genital Mutilation, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Ryan Frace, NutriMeds Protocols for Wellness, Listeners Who Don't Order NutriMeds Talk, Dangers of Using Knock Off Supplements, Lack of Testing by People or Novice Healthcare, Envidence Based Functional Medicine, Full Protocols FREE by Email, Call Backs to Customers, Consults by Time, QRMA Metapathia Predictive Testing Centers, QRMA Free Analysis at Home by Dr Bill, NutrImmune 26Y, CoQ10 Supreme, Power C PLUS, CALMind, BrainMAG, Cognition Plus, Brain Power, Synaptin, Ultra Thiamine B1, Uridine, Uridine Monophosphate, CDP Choline, Vein Away, CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol, Cell Detox Glutathione, Cell Defense PLUS, NutriDefense, Gamma E PLUS, Nutriodine, NutruSilver, AllicinMED, Ageless Drink, Life Support Drink, Sports EnerG Lyte drink, Bone Generator, MyCell D3, MyCO D2, Full Vitamin K2, CollagenMAX, Arthrit-X, Joint Performance, Tendon Mender, NutriTRALA, AntiAgeMAX, SuperNOX, Magnesium Glycinate Malate, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, Wellness Protocols of NutriMeds, Menopause, Pregnenolone Cream, DHEA Cream, Progesterone Cream, Hormone Synergy, MicroDose HGH, IndiumEase, Hypertension, KardioVasc, Cell Detox Glutathione, Magnesium Glycinate, Gamma E PLUS, SuperNOX, Omega Supreme Pro, Sinusitis, Chronic Larygotracheobronchitis, SinuPulse Elite, Nutriodine, AllerBlock, NutrImmune 26Y, AllicinMED, NutriDefense, Hormone Support with Depression, Hormone Synergy, Cell Defense Plus, DHEA Cream, Pregnenolone Cream, Progesterone Cream, NutrImmune 26Y, Depression, SAMethyl, CALMind, BrainMAG, IndiumEase, Melatonin TR for sleep, Last Three Segments, Rob Rosellli,, Please to Meet You, The UN American Genocidal Complex, Books on Amazon, Theresa MAY Day British PM Thurs Election, Terror Vision vs. Television, Trump effect on May, Islamic Dangers to West, Globalist Masters of Chaos, Time for Trump to Clean House, Legal Action vs. Comey on Leaked Letter and Manipulation the Atty Genl Lynch, Politization of Intel Leaks Dangers to Republic, 


06/07/17 -


HOUR ONE - RBN, First half, Dr Fred Graves JD, How to Win in Court, Court Witness Box before Ballat Box or Catridge Box, Miccle School Requirement, New American Course for Citizens, Make money promotion of How To Win in Court, , Solution of Islam, Corrupt Government, Lawsuits, Forced Vaccines, Free Speech Action, Citizens for Legal Rights, Second Half, Josh Bernstein, Mayor of London, Khan Job, Tikkia Lies by Muslims, Documents of Khan Mayor or Londonistan, Ultra Vetting Muslims and Others, Civil Detention for High Riskers, Muslims and Other Groups, Drug Lords, Chinese Financial Mafia, Islamic Jihadists, Cyberterrorists, Scoring System, Metadata, Travel, Credit Card to Terrorism, Social Media, Books, Articles, Internet, Dark Internet, Associations Relatives Friends Scoring, Travel Visa Ban, Declaration of WAR on America and West, Time for Intel Crusade on Precrime, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Emile LessEMF, New MP3 Broadcaster Tech for Minerals Frequencies,  New Consult NutriMeds Protocols and Frequencies for Mineral Membrane Augmentation, Device under $100, Song of DNA Lecture Video Coming by Weekend, A4M Lecture Life Extension Illness basis, Second Half, Mtn Red Deer Velvet, Toner for Life, Clone your body while sleeping, Building Lego Blocks for Humans, Lube joints, Build Heart, Stem Cell Worker Molecules, Hormones for Regeneration, Renew yourself daily with Mtn Red Velvet, New DR Mtn Red Coming Soon, Surgical Version Coming Soon for IV Stem Cell Clinics, 3D Organ Printing, Surgical Healing, Burn Units, Trauma Healing, Limb and Organ Replacement Genetically Host Identical, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Jonathan Gray,, Mysteries of a Lost World, Five eBook Series, See Video last week by Jonathan Gray on Fallen Southern American Peoples, Head Shrinking Shock of Fallen Peoples, Evidence of Hidden Technologies, Ancient Cataclysms, Ancient Wars, Ancient Judgements Against Genetic Hybridized Peoples, Get These Books today and See Biblical Truth and Ancient Archaelogy Proven,,


06/06/17 -


HOUR ONE - RBN, KBU Karatbars University, Minefields of Danger to World Economy, Trump Agenda July AHA Sept Taxes, 14 Trillion Mid Summer Corp USA Debt, Midterm Globalist Pulling EU Eurodollar, Get into Gold by the Gram Saving Club Karatbars, Dynamic nutrimedical7 team, We send you downline clients, Just work one leg and we can build you a downline income, Play Sizzle Call, Call Back in 24, Send Videos Don Gilromo YouTube, KYC Know Your Customer x2 docs uploaded, K-Exchange, Kiosks, Training Sites affiliated, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Stop plaque, Lower BP, Prevent loss of organ perfusion, Prevent Stroke Heart Attack, Tests, Meridian Valley Blood Viscosity, PAI1, CRP, Holter Monitor, Calcium Scored High Speed 8 sec CT Cardiac Scan, Cardiolyte Scintiscan, Singulex Cardiac Lipids and Inflammatory Cardiac Cytokines, Get the original, Don't Buy ExtendoVite, Heart and Body or Strauss Heart Drops, They are inferior, wrong plant, no testing batches, Switch and Heal to KardioVasc, Second Half, VasoMedical EECP, David Nierle, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, collateral heart brain bone circulation, exercise vessels in diastole, improve quality of life, stop vascular dementia, improve diabetic peripheral vascular insufficiency, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, VasoMedical EECP, David Nierle, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, collateral heart brain bone circulation, exercise vessels in diastole, improve quality of life, stop vascular dementia, improve diabetic peripheral vascular insufficiency, Review of Powerpoint to Simulcast Video after the show, 35 sessions of an hour, Covered by Medicare and over 300 third party insurers, Power of stimulated circulation collaterals growth heart brain bone etc, .Angina and Heart Failure Healed, End Stage Disease Rescued, Start EECP much earlier for heart and preventive care, Watch the Video ... ,, 


06/05/17 -


HOUR ONE - Andrew Schatkin, Muslim Student Jihadists, Ban with Metadata All Muslim Jihadists, Make a Reformed American Islamic Paradigm, Solve Islamic Terror, Take non-politically corrective action, End Terror Vision, STOP EU March to Islamic Super Statehood, Alternate to Theresa May PM of Britain, 

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Farid, KardioVasc, heart and vascular, reverse plaque, protect BP, stop stroke, prevent heart attack, prevent DVT deep venous thrombosis, stop plaque, prevent singlet oxygen glycation, prevent fatty acid cholesterol peroxides, prevent IL17 plaque, reverse calcium scores of arteries, second half, News new Word Press easy sites, mid to late June launch, subscription for Wellness Protocols, FREE Contact the Doctor Advice Protocols, Consults and Lab Kits Sent to You, Coming DR Mtn Red Velvet, Stem Cell Support NutriMeds, 

HOUR THREE - RBN, Ryan Frace, NutriMeds Team, Feet to Head Protocols for Wellness and NutriMeds talk, foot fungus, ankle and knee arthritis, arterial blockage, prostate, male and female hormones, bladder health, uric acid stones, oxalate stones, liver detox, kidney protection, spine and bones healing, heart regeneration, lung detox healing, shoulder and limb joint ligament health, brain, memory, balance, sight, anxiety, mood, learning, Chiari toxic brain anatomy, BioLVR, Nattokinase, KardioVasc, AllicinMED, topical NutruSilver, Nutriodine, Gamma E PLUS, Cell Detox Glutathione, Cell Defense PLUS, NutrImmune 26Y, NutriDefense, Power C PLUS, AllerBlock, AllerGone, SinuPulse, SinuAir, Pure Water Systems water, Living Probiotic, Bone Generator, MyCell D3, MyCO D2, Full Vitamin K2, CollagenMAX, Tendon Mender, Joint Performance, Vein Away, Ultra Thiamine B1, SAMethyl, Super Folate, Power Methyl B12, CALMind, BrainMAG, Cognition PLUS, Brain Power, Synaptin, MitoThyroid, Adrenal Support, DHEA Cream, Progesterone Cream, Pregnenolone Cream, Testo Cream, Hormone Synergy, VIsionMAX, Prostate Flow, ChelorMAX, XenoEstrogen Detox, 


06/02/17 -


HOUR ONE - RBN, Harley Schlanger,, EIR, Executive Intelligence Review,

Below are this week's links from LaRouche PAC:

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The World Looks Much Different from China

China's Success Affects Battle for U.S. Infrastructure Investment

John "I Don't Do Evidence" Brennan and the Shameless Media  (Five minute video)

The Future Being Born Today: 'Integration and Infrastructure' To Uplift the World

HOUR TWO - RBN,  Dr Michael Heizer , Reversing Hermon: Enoch, The Watchers, and Hidden Mission of Jesus Christ, Intelligent Evil Powers of Demogods on Earth, Global Elite Spiritual Princes of Power,,

HOUR THREE - RBN, Michelle Deagle and Dr Bill Deagle MD, Protocols for Wellness, Anxiety, Depression, Viral Infections, Throat Infections, Blocked Eustacheon Tubes, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, Gouty Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Hypothryoidism, Hormones for Menopausal Women, Hot Flashes, 


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